Tissue silk sarees are a royal weave that displays instant charm. These sarees have silk warp and zari weft along with extra weft motifs woven into the saree. These sarees are usually a little heavy in weight and in looks.

Whereas tissue silk Chanderi sarees are unique in their own way, they are lighter than the others due to the degummed silk used in the warp of the chanderi weaving.

These opulent sarees are one of a kind which has no match to any other kind of weaving. When woven in copper, silver and golden zaris these beauties look like liquid metal.

These sarees are typically chosen for as occasional wear for festivities, weddings, bridal wear etc. These sarees typically need minimal accessories to style, but definitely needs experienced hands to drape and carry them. These tissue silk sarees were favourite amongst the royal families, while women draped them as sarees, men would wear these on their heads as turbans. 

The transparency, texture and the shot effect of the tissue silk sarees give them an exceptional sheen  making them very glamorous. Our collection of tissue silk sarees are available in Chanderi, Maheshwari and Banarasi weaves, which are epitome of skilled craftsmanship on their own. Choose these if you have a special occasion to attend to. 

Why buy from Chowdhrain.com?

When you buy from Chowdhrain you are contributing towards sustainable business practices that Chowdhrain is proud to carry. Your sarees are packed in Compostable corn-starch packaging and no kind of extra plastic or paper is used. The saree is wrapped in a cotton upcycled bags that you can use to store your sarees safely in your wardrobe. Brand uses natural and azo free dyes, handlooms and authentic zari, we are further trying to perfect our sustainability game and your purchase makes us get closer!

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