Our limited-edition handpainted saree collection ’Ikebana’ is what you call ‘wearable art’. Speaking to the modern woman of today, these hand-painted drapes feature roses, flamingo flowers, daffodils, leaves and other botanical wonders. The Silk by Cotton Chanderi fabric is soft to touch and has a glossy look and feel. 

Handpainted Sarees are a fresh take on the Chanderi canvas which typically carried the floral motifs in woven zari. The botanical flora carefully painted display a unique emotion on the saree, like a holiday in Europe. 

Shop for handpainted sarees online from the comfort of your home and unwrap an experience of fresh air filled with roses and daisies. These sarees have pastel shades of grey, off white, cream, pink in 5 different shades of lite colours, yellow, black etc.. These are one of our bestsellers and loved by a lot of women around India and abroad.

The sarees are light in weight as these are cotton silk chanderis, sarees while they feature floral wonders is finished with golden zari selvedge.

These designer handpainted sarees can be styled for intimate weddings, for parties, formal dinners, small celebrations etc. Pair them with your favourite silver jewellery and you’re the heart of any occasion, we bet nobody will be able to take their eyes off of you. So dazzle in these handpainted sarees that are painted to perfection by the native artisans, and we are sure you will get the Europe feels right where you are.

Why buy from Chowdhrain.com?

Chowdhrain’s offering of handpainted sarees are for the modern women who choose saree for casual wear, work wear, occasional or party wear, but who understands the value of handmade and sustainable business practices. Your investment in these sarees directly benefits the weavers of Chanderi and our efforts towards making the processes involved environment friendly.

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