sage stairway sareesage stairway saree

sage stairway saree

Rs. 7,000.00 INR
Bottle green Chanderi SareeBottle green Chanderi Saree

Bottle green Chanderi Saree

Rs. 7,000.00 INR
Copper Black Chanderi SareeCopper Black Chanderi Saree

Copper Black Chanderi Saree

Rs. 7,455.00 INR
Striped Brown Chanderi SareeStriped Brown Chanderi Saree

Striped Brown Chanderi Saree

Rs. 7,000.00 INR
Night sky Chanderi SariNight sky Chanderi Sari

Night sky Chanderi Sari

Rs. 7,000.00 INR

Collection of handwoven chanderi sarees having an identity of their own. 

Saree is embellished with a beautiful contrasting pink selvedge. Whole of the six yards carry a plaid pattern in multicolour and border encloses a zig zag pattern of multicolour motifs. But they have a unique traditional twist in the design

Chanderi sarees have a plethora of botanical inspirations for the weavers and one amongst them are the trees 🌲 🌲 locally called ‘Ashok ke pèd’
For centuries weavers have woven these trees on the pallu, giving the pallu a special value amongst the whole six yards.

Amongst the warp of silk that spans over the sarees, these vertical tree motifs bring a unique character to the saree that can be recognised from far away.

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