Chanderi weave hold a special place in our hearts, you may call it our obsession as the Founder of Chowdhrain has spent all her summer holidays in Chanderi since childhood. Yes, Chanderi is a small hamlet in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Chanderi silk sarees are known for its unique sheen, transparency and glamour. This cannot be replicated by the machine-made fakes the market is filled with. Chanderi has been awarded the GI tag for its unique weave, hence the sarees handwoven here can only be called Chanderis and nothing else. Chanderi weave is termed as woven air, due to its weightlessness.

Shop for chander silk sarees online, at the comfort from your home and be assured that the Chanderi saree you get from Chowdhrain is a 100% handwoven saree from the native town of Chanderi. We aim to popularize the authentic handwoven chanderis so these OG chanderis are accessible and available to all and preferred over the machine made cotton silk chanderi fakes.

Pure Chanderi silk sarees, Chanderi cotton sarees, traditional chanderi sarees, authtnetic chanderi silk sarees, chanderi silk cotton sarees, blockprinted and handpainted chanderi sarees they are available in our collection. Chanderi sarees feature silver zari and golden zari motifs inspired by the flora and fauna of the surroundings. Woven intricately in eknaliya, donlaiya techniques. The borders are elaborate with different kinds like banebaar, solid zari, mashru, stiped, mehendi lage haath, sadaa suhagan raho, floral tendrils etc in different vibrant colours.

Chanderis are woven in pure silk, katan silk(kora), cotton silk, tissue silk and mashru is the newest intervention.

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Chowdhrain’s offering of Chanderi sarees are for the modern women who choose saree for casual wear, work wear, occasional or party wear, but who understands the value of handmade and sustainable business practices. Your investment in these sarees directly benefits the weavers of Chanderi and our efforts towards making the processes involved environment friendly.

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