Blue Tussar Ajrakh Kanjeevaram SareeBlue Tussar Ajrakh Kanjeevaram Saree

Blue Tussar Ajrakh Kanjeevaram Saree

Rs. 21,000.00 INR
Black Ajrakh Kota Doria SareeBlack Ajrakh Kota Doria Saree
On sale

Black Ajrakh Kota Doria Saree

Rs. 5,999.00 INR Rs. 8,500.00 INR
Red Tussar Ajrakh SareeRed Tussar Ajrakh Saree

Red Tussar Ajrakh Saree

Rs. 21,000.00 INR

Ajrakh Is in trend from local to global textiles, ajrakh has found home in hearts every woman across the globe. Shop for your ajrakh sarees online at the ciomfort of your home from We vouch that these ajrakh sarees are blockprinted in natural dyes in the town of Ajrakhpur in Gujarat India. Ajrakh sarees are widely hand printed in fabrics like modal, cotton, linen, machine made silk cottons (popularly minamed as chanderis) gajji silks etc.

Ajrakh prints have unique identity of their own. The colour tones are draker and bolder when compared to other blockprints practiced in India. The colours are in Indigo, turmeric Yellow, black, red. Green etc all extracted naturally for dyeing these exquisite beauties.

Our ajrakh sarees are available in Kota, modal silk etc and are also fusioned with yet another Gujarat specialty in bandhej. The amalgamation of these fusion sarees is byong amazing. You get two kinds of handcrafted art in one. Try these ajrakh silk sarees as they fall like a dream, so lustrous and irresistible that would carry this without regretting. Ajrakh prints are a result of laborious 15- 17 steps  technically complex and tedious. Ajrakh is practiced by the Khatri community in the Kutch region of Guajarat synergise the fabric and block prints using mordant and resists beautifully to create majestic beauties.

Chowdhrain is proud to showcase these handcrafted ajrakh sarees in modal silk embellished with bandhej that are gorgeous beyond imagination, we recommend you to explore these and ask us any questions you may have

Why buy from

When you buy from Chowdhrain you are contributing towards sustainable business practices that Chowdhrain is proud to carry. Your sarees are packed in Compostable corn-starch packaging and no kind of extra plastic or paper is used. The saree is wrapped in a cotton upcycled bags that you can use to store your sarees safely in your wardrobe. Brand uses natural and azo free dyes, handlooms and authentic zari, we are further trying to perfect our sustainability game and your purchase makes us get closer!

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