The Chowdhrain

  • Six yards of grace.
  • Six yards of pride.
  • Six yards of power.
  • That’s what Chowdhrain stands for.
  • Curated for the women of today, these handwoven sarees will bring alive the true ‘Chowdhrain’ in you!

The Birth Of Chowdhrain

Sometimes the hardest pieces of a puzzle to assemble, are the ones missing from the box. My search for Chanderi in Bengaluru always remained an unsolved puzzle. My father belongs to Chanderi. And it ached us to know that though Chanderis are born in the heart of India, so many Indian women still have limited access to this fabric and cannot differentiate between a real and a fake Chanderi saree. Thus, in 2018 I brought together the missing pieces, straight from Chanderi, to solve this beautiful six yard long puzzle.

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Meet The Chowdhrain

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The birth of Chowdhrain went hand in hand with the birth of my child Hridhaan. I, along with my husband, wished to change the reason a woman owned a saree. Limited not just for an occasion, not just for the design, not for the colour but we believe a Chanderi urges to be owned for the feeling it exudes, not only to the wearer but to the onlooker too.