Blue Bagh SareeBlue Bagh Saree

Blue Bagh Saree

Rs. 6,550.00 INR
Red Bagh print SareeRed Bagh print Saree

Red Bagh print Saree

Rs. 6,700.00 INR
Brown Bagh SareeBrown Bagh Saree

Brown Bagh Saree

Rs. 6,500.00 INR

A collection of naturally dyed collection soft supple summer sarees that will stay on you like a feather you stroke against your skin

Bagh a remote town in the state of Madhya Pradesh is situated near the city of Indore. Our visit to Bagh along with Maheshwar has been nothing short of magical. Explore the beautiful village, the slow life, the life of artisans around this craft, the sweet community and we can go on 

Explore some of the pictures of our Bagh visit in the gallery. 

Our Bagh collection is completely handmade. block printed on pure handwoven Maheshwari silk cotton sarees using natural dyes and sustainable processes. 


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