Azure Mubarakpur Handloom Saree Chowdhrain Saree 15535.00 ChowdhrainAzure Mubarakpur Handloom Saree Chowdhrain Saree 15535.00 Chowdhrain
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Azure Mubarakpur Handloom pure silk Saree

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Mubarakpur, a small town and a municipal board in the Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh which is known for its magnificent silk weaving along with its impressive Kadhua Zari Motifs from the beginning of the 14th century. Though Mubarakpur weaves had their own USPs and were once a fad, they lost their fame when middlemen found it difficult to differentiate Mubarakpur saree from that of Banarasi saree Sadly , little did these middlemen know that something that appeared similar to a Banarsi was not just a weave but an entire creation of sheer hard word and selfless love which they failed to recognise.

Though Mubarakpur Sarees have had an underappreciated past , but we at Chowdhrain are trying to resuscitate the ancestral weaves along with the new Gen-Z elements in order to change its future and to add some new innovation and elements to the women fashion industry. From our very own perspective , the Mubarakpur weave is not just a piece of cloth or a short lived trend , it is an eternal style which we wish to offer to all modern women of today. 

These are sarees are handwoven in pure silk in the looms of Mubarakpur, using the most intricate kadhua motifs and heavy pallu and gorgeous borders. While we are surely obsessed with Chanderis as that is the native where we started, Mubarakpur is another such cluster we are extremely happy to work with. Bringing recognition to these weaves and making it accessible by its own identity is what we thrive for. 

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When you buy from Chowdhrain you are contributing towards sustainable business practices that Chowdhrain is proud to carry. Your sarees are packed in Compostable corn-starch packaging and no kind of extra plastic or paper is used. The saree is wrapped in a cotton upcycled bags that you can use to store your sarees safely in your wardrobe. Brand uses natural and azo free dyes, handlooms and authentic zari, we are further trying to perfect our sustainability game and your purchase makes us get closer!

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