5 Ways To Upgrade Your Traditional Look This Season

Winter and sarees. Are they compatible? If you answered no, you must see all Bollywood films and Indian weddings. I am certain that you will alter your response.

Though saree was never intended to be worn throughout the winter months, however, the love of saree for Indian women has made it possible. Even while adapting something to be worn in cold weather requires some work, it is entirely possible to do so without sacrificing one’s sense of style. All you have to do is know how to style winter wear on a saree. 

Winter Wear on Saree: Spruce Up Your Winter

No doubt, the nine yards drape has now reached the younger generation, and India has rediscovered the saree’s versatility. However, there is nothing wrong with making a few modifications to fit your personal preferences and climate.

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Here are some tips and tricks on how you can use your winter wear on a saree and get a feel of designer wear.

1. Saree With Coats

No longer is it acceptable to match a saree with a granny sweater and so damage your sense of style. This action is always safe and comfortable, but it will not get you points for wearing a designer piece of clothing. However, you can still combine your winter attire with your cultural attire. This is how:

  • Silk Coat: There is nothing more regal and beautiful than a flowing silk coat to complement a traditional saree. This design is suitable for formal events and weddings. You may accessorise with a chic pashmina and a fur muff.
  • Long Overcoat: Do you know that the length of the overcoat creates a height illusion? Get ready to make an unforgettable entrance with a saree and overcoat with beautiful hues and designs. You may cinch your waist with a belt and secure your pallu with a brooch to make a royal statement.
  • Trench Coat: Believe it or not, you can manage a certain degree of chic with this combination. Simply, pair a trench coat with the dignified saree and use either a contrasting shade or monochromatic tones.

2. Saree With Jackets

Why not pair a jacket as winter wear on a saree and in fact with other ethnic outfits too? Undoubtedly jackets give an uber-chic vibe if you rightly compliment your saree with that. A few of the jackets that you may try are:

  • The Velveteen Jacket: It’s a terrific look to pair sarees with long velvet coats. To maintain the look of a traditional sari, however, you should make sure that your pallu is not hidden.
  • The Contrasting Jacket: Add some flair to your saree by topping it off with a jacket in a contrasting fabric, such as silk.
  • The Ethnic Jacket: Drape your saree with an ethnic jacket as usual and button up the jacket before plating the pallu. Put the pallu diagonally across your chest, and then flip the edge over your shoulder. If you want, you may skip the jewellery.

3. Saree With Blazers

Blazers usually lend a professional or business-like look alike. The same item that gives a uniform air of authority can make a saree sizzle. Power women wear the blazer-saree merger in business, while glamour gals do it for mega socials and formal functions.

Style Tip: Take the power and decide the look for yourself. Add a blazer after draping your saree and styling your pallu. You may even opt to have the pallu over or under the blazer.

4. Saree With Leather and Denim Jackets

Denim and leather are two materials that, by themselves, would have been previously totally out of place in the saree world. However, in modern times these jackets give sarees an edge yet keep things casual and fun. So, next time you plan out any sassy saree theme with your gang, try out this winter wear saree.

5. Saree With Shrugs

A shrug is a form-fitting cardigan or jacket, and you can either go for a long shrug or a short one. If you are wearing a heavy saree, then it is better to pair it with a short shrug. You may choose to wear a long shrug if you are wearing a light saree.

Try pairing your saree with a printed or embroidered shrug to add some colour and pattern to your outfit.

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