15 Types Of Sarees You Need In Your Wardrobe

Traditional outfits are all stunning. but nothing beats the elegance and grace of a saree. Indian women are known for their exquisite taste in sarees. Even if they wear western or other traditional outfits, their craving for a saree in their wardrobe for special occasions never stops. 

Even celebrities like Shilpa Shetty, Rekha, Deepika Padukone and Vidya Balan embellished their look with stunning sarees. This is because wearing a saree can never go wrong. If you want to go out to your party, wear a saree, attend any function, drape a saree, office meeting, drape saree and for any casual or formal wear saree are there for every occasion. 

India is known for a variety of handloom Weavers and fabrics. They all combinedly form a beautiful masterpiece that enhances the beautiful curves of every woman. 

Here is the list of 15 types of saree that should be in your wardrobe to make you proud.

1. Chanderi saree

Chanderi sarees were made by the weavers of chanderi for generations by around the 7th century. The fabric is known for its royal look and gold saree work. The saree was worn by royal women during the era of the king. The Chanderi Saree gives a premium and luxurious look with their meenakari booties and unique border. 

This peach Chanderi saree is a fail with royalty and grace. This is perfect to get a simple and luxurious look.

2. Ajrakh Kota Doria saree  

Ajrakh is a unique block print found in regions of Kutch and Rajasthan. It is printed in either cotton or silk fabric. It is a 4000-year-old print authentically printed in the blue colour of indigo. Ajrak print saree will look royal and beautiful when draped properly. 

This black Ajrakh Kota Doria print saree is made with superior-quality natural dye. The saree is a perfect dreamy look.

3. Maheshwari saree

Madhya Pradesh has preserved its handloom art beautifully and flourished regardless of any rule. It originated around the 18th century during the rule of Queen Ahilyabai Holkar indirectly on account of Maheshwar. The linear motive and their floral design make them a unique choice to wrap around oneself. The cotton and silk are derived from the forest of Malwa and are made beautifully with the utmost care of weavers. 

The coral print Maheshwari cotton saree is filled with a serene and peaceful feel with a signature Maheshwari border.

4. Jamdani saree 

Jamdani saree is a red definition of fine art which is done on a loom by weft weaving technique. The Bengal handloom holds a special place for jamdani because of its ethereal look. The fine muslin fabric of cotton is used to make jamdani saree. The saree is perfect to wear in any formal as well as casual look to brighten your bold aura of yours. The fluorescent green jamdani saree is so soft and comfortable to wear on any occasion.

5. Kota Doria Saree

Rajasthan is the land of handloom and traditional looms. Kota Doria is a famous handloom made by hand weaving tiny squares in traditional pit looms. The art was famous in the 17th or 18th century when Kishore Singh Rao brought weavers of Mysore known as Masuria. The breezy nature of the cotton material of Kota Doria silk cotton makes them an elegant choice for the scorching heat of Kota and Rajasthan. This Rosy pink Kota Doria saree is filled with beautiful hand-block designs. This saree will be going to be your summer favourite 

6.Banarasi silk saree

Banarasi sarees of fasting to buy when it comes to weddings in India. You even saw the pictures of your mother or grandmother at their wedding in banarasi saree. They are royal saree made with silver and golden very motive all over the saree. The hundred per cent hangover material makes them unique and strong with handcraft known as rai bandhej.

This Banarasi silk saree is filled with traditional designs to grace the contemporary look of modern women.

7. Shibori linen saree

Bengal was known for its trade in textiles since the British era. Shibori saree is made with the finest linen. The linen is made manually by weavers of Bengal in a traditional loom. It provides strength and comfort to the fabric. Shibori linen is known for its light breezy and comfortable feel. 

This teal green shibori linen saree is perfect to wear casually even in daily wear while you work with grace and comfort.

8. Batik mul cotton saree

Batik print is one of the best prints. Mul cotton was originally made by Bengali weavers 100 years ago. It has been famous across India since the British era. When mul cotton combined with wax-resistant print known as batik print from Indonesia it gave a sprouted and furnished look to the fabric.

This grey batik mul saree is feather lite with a block print on the pallu.

9. Mubarakpur saree

The Mubarakpur silk saree handloom industry was established around the 14 century. It is one of the important handloom industries of Uttar Pradesh made by an ancient cluster of silk Weavers from Azamgarh. The pure silk fabric in its irresistible design made Mubarak Pur sarees very popular.

This divine picturesque pink Mubarak Pur saree is filled with the epitome of grace and fashion. The Kadhua Zari motif gave a fine sense of art.

10. Tussar Silk saree

Tussar silk sarees are unique and rare saree made with wild silkworms who feed on plants like Asan and Arjun. The famous golden colour of Tussar silk made them unique and indigenous to Jharkhand and Bihar. The light weighted and luxurious look works as a charm.  

This basking Tussar silk saree is dual-tone because of its sheen with natural texture. This saree is lightweight and breathable which makes it easy to carry and style with a brocade of golden zari pallu.

11. Lehariya saree

Lahariya sarees inspiration by the very wind blowing across the desert scent of Rajasthan. The diagonal tie and dye strips originated around the 17th century. The motif used was highly inspired by nature. 

The red-yellow organza lehariya saree is filled with a bombardment of colours in the lahars. It is hand embroidered with Gota Patti to flaunt your delight while running around.

12. Bandhani saree

Bandhani sarees are traditional art of the Khatri community of Gujarat. They are made by tying and dyeing fabric. The art is 5000 years old. The most important features of bandhani sarees are their fabric which is loosely one silk known as Georgette or cotton which is malmal and is highly comfortable to wear in summer or autumn.

 This gorgeous red and black bandhani saree is handcrafted by Ajrakh and printed in pallu. It gives a lustrous and sheen visible look when draped around gracefully.

13. Hand-painted saree

If you are a hot lover and want to show the perfect art in your drapes then a hand-painted saree is one for you. The hand-painted saree is a unique and limited collection of wearable art. Today the hand-painted saree mostly features roses, flamingos, daffodils, flowers, leaves and other natural botanical wonders. 

This sky-blue hand-painted saree is filled with a bunch of twin roses and leaf tenders. and a narrow very border runs along to complete the look.

14. White silk saree

Silk is a royal sarees. The white colour adds grace and royalty. The Kasavu saree weaver of Kerala only made white saree for the royal. The white saree of silk is reserved for special occasions only and commoners are not allowed to wear any silk or white. Adding a white silk saree to a wardrobe will add grace and royalty to it. 

This white and gold divine silk Chanderi saree is perfect to wear on special occasions like Onam Diwali or any guest appearance.

15. Black cotton saree

Black is a colour of deep secrets. Owning a black saree will add a mysterious and attractive aura to your wardrobe and personality.

This black and copper Maheshwari saree has no motif but an elegant look with an intricate golden zari border.


Your wardrobe reflects your personality. Adding sarees from each part of India will be like adding a part of India in your mini space. Even if you like to wear a western dress, at the end of the day a saree will bring out the inner grace and classic appeal when you want.

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