How To Choose Festive Sarees In 2023

Across the borders and beyond all differences, the Indian subcontinent is known for its characteristic - Unity in diversity. Every year, a number of festivals are celebrated in every part of the country with joy and harmony. These festivities symbolize the richness of Indian culture and traditions. For representing the festive type, almost every festival is associated with some particular exquisite color, pattern or print type. Colorful and printed sarees during Holi, Silk embroidered sarees with stunning designs for Diwali are a few examples of festive sarees in 2023. 

Sarees are an evergreen attire that has been in trend since ancient times. Our mothers and grandmothers wore sarees and even today they are age-old festive wear that can be worn by all age groups alike. These classic forms of Indian traditional wear with a touch of the modern element make them a sustainable fashion choice of the 21st century. 

Given the rich cultural heritage and geography, every region of India has a different collection of garments, textiles and clothing styles. There are various authentic varieties that are worn during distinct festivals of which some are listed below. 

Banarasi Silks for Diwali 

For draping adorable attire during the Diwali season, Banarasi silk sarees are elegant options that tend to give a traditional and fancy look. These saree types come in different hues and shades and would be the perfect match for your wardrobe. 

Wear an Ivory Coins Banarasi Saree to carry an elegant look at this Diwali's get-together, to reflect the sheer festive mood and comfort. In addition, drape this saree piece with a matching accessory set of nose pins and ear pins. Banarasi silks are the perfect known attire for celebrating the festival of lights and victory of good over evil. 

Handloom Drapes for Durga and Kali Pooja 

The Bengal festival saree collection is known to house some of the most elegant varieties of sarees that can be worn during the festive season. These sarees have great significance during the Durga and Kali Pooja. As a mark of reverence, women dress up in handloom drapes that go well on all occasions. These handloom drapes last for years and are draped in Bengali style wherein an ornament is tied at the end of the saree. 

The pallu is draped from the back to the front. These handloom drapes are worn traditionally by women of all ages on Durga, Saraswati and Kali Pooja. Some aspects of this saree type include bright designs, comfortable fabrics and artistic patterns. 

Lehariya and Bandhej for Navratri 

The Navratri season is known to be a festival of nine colors to be worn during the nine nights of Navratri. Originating in Gujarat state, this festival is known for the intricate designs and exquisite designs worn during the nine days of the festival. Meenakari Bandhej Saree is known to be perfect for Navratri as they are decorated with mirror work and glittery work. 

The Lehariya and Bandhej sarees are known to be quite popular choices of saree for ethnic fashion wear. There are a number of distinct patterns and prints available in these saree types to choose from. 

Floral Moments for Karwa Chauth 

Every year, Karwa Chauth is celebrated by Indian women to pray for the long life of their spouses. This festival is celebrated since traditional times and has been symbolized by women draped in sarees worshipping the moon to break the day-long fast. 

An adorable set of floral printed saree with light colors would make the perfect wardrobe for your next Karwa Chauth look. Bright authentic colors for the day paired with some elegant accessories are some great options for this Karwa Chauth. You can also choose some thrift options to go with and style them with draping styles of your choice. 

Chanderi Silk Saree for Festive season

An exquisite saree type that is known to be an all occasion wear, the Chanderi silk is known to be among the finest types of silk made. These sarees are designed specially to meet the needs of the festive season, adorned with intricate designs and patterns. Chanderi silk saree provides you an elaborate range of bright colors and vivid patterns that would set the mood right for the festive season. 

Wear these saree sets with blouses that would match on every saree, and pair them with carved design accessories. The Multi color or Pink color Chanderi saree is quite a popular choice for Navratri season. The sparkling design type gives a vibrant look to give the fabric a modern touch of fashion. You may also choose from a number of handpainted options that are made specially for festive season. 


Celebrate Indian festivals with the right kind of joy and vigor keeping the festive mood alive with proper clothing selection. Indian festivals are celebrated with a great deal of enthusiasm and styled with matching accessories that would go well with the attires. 

Different regions of the nation have distinct festive wear and are worn by all the celebrators with rejoicing and acceptance. In this festive season of 2023, wear some of the most vibrant attires from the festive collection of Chowdhrain sarees. We house a collection of exquisite pieces that can be draped at any particular festival to set the mood. 

Banarasi, Bandhej, Chanderi, Silk, Kota Doria, and Phulia cotton are some types of sarees that are worn for festive wear to adorn a fancy yet traditional, and classy look. Bangles, Gold necklaces, anklets, rings and bracelets are some forms of accessories that can be worn over these attires for an elegant look. 

Choose from the light weight silk options that are great festive wear options especially with the gorgeous prints, intricate patterns and vibrant colors. You may also choose a variety of blouse options that could be worn mix n’ match with distinct sarees types. At Chowdhrain, find the festive clothing of your choice to meet your need for this festive season attires. Live up to your dream expectations in this festive season by draping yourself in elegant sarees of your choice. 

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