Beat the Heat With 5 Cotton Sarees

Summer is the best time to wear cotton since it is breathable and cool to wear even when the temperature outside is high. Sarees made of cotton fabric are stunning and sophisticated. Indicative of ease and refinement, it serves as a symbol of both. Cotton sarees are worn throughout India, from the north to the south, and from the east to the west.

The variety of cotton saree designs, materials, colors, and styles is staggering. As summers in India are typically very warm and muggy, cotton sarees continue to be a popular clothing choice for the locals. These sarees are versatile enough to be worn to any event, from casual gatherings to formal galas, and will give even the greatest sarees a run for their money when draped correctly. Cotton sarees are great for any occasion, formal or otherwise, thanks to their clean, crisp appearance. Cotton sarees are appropriate attire for ceremonies, celebrations, and social gatherings.

Cotton saris go great with handloom purses. You will be all geared to beat the heat in your embroidered clothes, ethnic jewelry, and Indian sandals. You will look like a beautiful young lady with just a touch of Kajal in your eyes and some sheer lipstick. Both petite and curvy women can benefit from wearing a cotton saree. When it comes to hot summer days, a saree is not only one of the most beautiful things you own, but it is also among the most comfortable. Plus, a breezy cotton saree is the epitome of ease. Put on a lovely cotton saree and some simple jewelry, and you will be ready to show off your chic sense of fashion.

These five types of cotton sarees are perfect for not only your summertime fashion but also to beat the heat. Wearing these cotton sarees will help you make the fashion statement that you desire all while feeling comfortable and elegant. 

Cotton Silk Sari

Do you seek an outfit that elegantly combines comfort with ease of movement? In this case, a beautiful cotton silk saree is the best possible option. In spite of the sweltering heat of summer, the material not only appears elegant and refined but also provides welcome comfort. Because of its lightweight, airy fabric, this saree is ideal for warmer months. It's climate-regulating, breathable, and soft as cotton while also looking and feeling like textured linen with a hint of shine and a silky drape. It can be dressed up by combining it with different textiles. You can try Perennial Pink Tussar Silk Saree from our site and find out for yourself. 


A cotton saree called a Chanderi is one of the most sought-after and well-known garments in the world. The chanderi cotton represents a design that has been around for generations and is therefore a traditional design. You'll always look chic in chanderi. Are you more of a traditionalist when it comes to fashion? This saree is the real deal and has all the cultural accoutrements you could ever want. Throughout the decades, the characteristic pattern has remained popular. It can be the ideal piece to make a culturally significant fashion statement. In warm, dry weather, the cloth will feel almost like butter. Try Dark Mustard Chanderi Saree from our site to make the perfect fashion statement. 

Bandhani Silk Sarees

Bandhani silk sarees have become a staple for ladies across the country in a short amount of time. This saree was highly regarded and adored, particularly by women of a certain social status who also possessed artistic or creative talents. You won't find any other sarees like these anywhere else because of the special tie and dye process used to make them. Bandhani sarees are known for their many unique prints and patterns. Bandhani patterns and Zari work are now readily available on beautiful silk sarees. One such type of bandhani saree that is extremely popular with ladies is the Leheriya saree. The word "Leher" refers to water movements. This pattern serves as inspiration for the designs of Leheriya sarees. Colors like pink, blue, and yellow combine with wavy lines that aren't perfectly symmetrical to create a design that's meant to evoke the ocean's crashing waves. You can find various leheriya silk sarees at Chowdhrain. We recommend you try Pink Bandhni Leheriya Saree from our site to beat the heat this summer.

Mul Cotton Saree

Mul cotton sarees are perfect for the summer months. The light construction makes it a summertime classic, but its adaptability means it can be worn year-round. Chowdhrain is a business that manages to blend contemporary and traditional styles. They use unconventional hues and dye methods to create affordable, modern sarees. White Batik Mul Cotton Saree is one such mul cotton saree that you should try from our site.

 Maheshwari Cotton Sarees

These sarees' widespread acclaim can be attributed to their unique construction: a judicious mix of cotton and silk adorned with zari in an array of patterns and styles. At Chowdrain, we carry a gorgeous selection of Maheshwari sarees to satisfy any sartorial need or preference. These sarees are renowned for their intricate patterns, lustrous fabric, and elaborate embroidery. Maheshwari Cotton Sarees are so versatile that you can wear them any day of the week or even to the office. It's hassle-free to put on and keeps looking good. Moreover, they are perfect presents for everyone on your list. a grandparent, a close friend, or an aunt. Try gifting Grey Maheshwari Saree from our site as a present to your dear ones.  


You can't have a debate about appropriate summer attire without including premium cotton sarees. If you are a fan of donning this piece of Indian traditional clothing, you will probably agree that a pure cotton saree is the best way to stay cool and stylish in the summer. With such a wide variety of on-trend styles and eye-catching hues to choose from, fashionistas will never be at a loss for reasons to expand their already impressive collection. With styles ranging from phulia cotton sarees to Maheshwari cotton sarees, these sarees made of cotton are sure to please. If you stock your summer closet with a wide selection of sarees, picking the right one won't be a hassle. You can never have too many sarees, and these are all wonderful additions to your collection.

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