3 Handcrafted Sarees to Rock This Wedding Season

Women all over the world celebrate marriage as the first step toward a brand-new life. Such an important change for such a momentous occasion calls for careful preparation. Each and every bride-to-be hopes that her wedding day will be perfect. A bride's big day is her one chance to shine, and she deserves to feel like a true princess. The saree or dress a bride wears on her wedding day is the most significant article of clothing she will ever own. 

This is the type of clothing that women cherish so much that they often pass it down through the ages. In the vast market of bridal attire, sarees have always been the most popular choice. There are several varieties of sarees, each with its own color palette, pattern, and decorations. There are a wide variety of half-n-half sarees to choose from, all of which will go a long way in establishing your reputation as a woman of refined ethnic taste.

When preparing for a wedding, every woman makes an effort to feel and look her absolute best for the big day. Every detail of the event must be perfect, including your outfit. The thing is, this may be both reassuring and upsetting. Many people find it difficult to devote an hour to shopping or surfing the web. For this reason, the wedding saree is the most practical option. There is a plethora of traditional drapings to choose from if you want to create a chic fashion statement at a wedding, and sarees are always a great option. Everyone of any age can find something to like about the six yards.

Why handcrafted sarees can be the rage this wedding season?

In the past, when most sarees were made on handlooms, it was considered a badge of honor to acquire a saree. These sarees' intricate designs, unlike those on printed and stitched saree, were hand-woven in the yarn itself, a laborious process that took a great deal of time and careful attention to detail. Handmade sarees like Banarasi, Kanchipuram, and Patola sarees all use pure gold and silver brocade strands in their weaving, but the practice is highly regarded because of the time and energy it requires to complete. The price of these handmade sarees dropped significantly as the process became increasingly mechanized. However, despite the rise of machine weaving and the widespread substitution of synthetic materials for precious metal thread, the woven saree's aristocratic prestige has not diminished. That's why it's not only a question of being on trend to include some handwoven sarees in your wardrobe; doing so is a fashion acquisition you'll treasure for years to come so you can always sport a royal and fashionable appearance.

Banarasi Sarees

The enchanting Banarasi silk sarees have become something of a fashion phenomenon all over the world, and they are often regarded as the ideal garment for brides and bridesmaids who want to look their absolute best on their wedding day. Banarasi sarees have traditionally held a special place in the hearts of Indian brides. Its extravagance, exquisite designs, and sumptuous feel have made it one of the greatest stylish alternatives for a bride who wants to captivate the event in a classical way. It is also one of the best alternatives for a woman who wants to make a statement.

Golden and silver zari weaving are used to adorn a Banarasi saree that was designed by a renowned fashion designer. Exquisite designs are woven into the fabric using silver and gold zari, which feature graceful themes. In addition, a golden zari design is featured on the saree's border, which helps to elevate the overall visual quality of the saree. Your wedding outfit will have a touch of grace thanks to the exuberant colors with dual undertones that it has. Try Meenakari Bandhej Banarasi Saree from Chowdhrain as they exude an incredible depth in design, elegance, and fabric, in addition to a sophisticated charm.

Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

A traditional Kanjivaram silk saree is the ideal garment to wear to lavish events because it is available in a wide range of vivid colors and features superb embroidery work. A silk saree has a lustrous sheen to it that is sure to attract attention wherever it goes.

They contain intricate weaving that is bright and weighty, making them perfect for wearing to formal events like weddings. The zari work on these sarees is very intricate, and it features a variety of entrancing motifs, such as floral designs, animal motifs, inscriptions, and religious art. You should try Blue Tussar Ajrakh Kanjeevaram Saree from our site to get the best experience. 

Linen Sarees

The use of linen for bridal sarees, adorned with exquisite blends of embroidery, gota patti work, and sequin work, radiates an unparalleled level of grandeur. An after-wedding supper with the extended family would be the ideal occasion for wearing delicate diamond jewelry sets. You have the option of experimenting with colors coming in a variety of shades. Investigate a range of blouses, both in terms of the materials they're made of and the designs they feature, to see which ones go best with your linen wedding saree. We recommend Mangosteen Linen Silk Saree as a must-have in your wardrobe this wedding season. 


Sarees are an excellent option for any occasion, whether you're trying to decide what to wear to your wedding or the reception that follows it. Simply select handcrafted sarees online that have already been pre-stitched, and you will be all set to slay the competition. The ageless elegance and sophistication of a designer saree may bring out the best in any occasion, elevating its overall beauty. 

You have the option of donning a saree that has ruffles, going for something subtle with flowery thread work, or selecting a saree that is embellished with crystals for added sparkle. To take your wedding outfit to the next level, use the most exquisite variety of designer sarees. From beautiful, delicate materials to embellishments that shimmer and shine in the light, this dress has it all. We have compiled the best list for you to choose from in order to purchase handcrafted sarees online that are suitable for any wedding ceremony or reception.

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