Latest Saree Trend That Will Rule 2023

With 2022 in, the Internet is flooded with what will be the colours and trending apparel of the year. But, we decided to think out of the box and turned to the experts to enquire about the raging fabric prints of 2022-23. Read on to look at the top 20 fabric prints that will redefine fashion in the coming year.

Exotic Florals

Floral can never go out of fashion. It is one of those eternal fabric prints that get a bumper response in almost every season. And this makes it the most versatile print that is believed to rule the fashion trends in 2022-23. The best part is budding designers get a lot to experiment with this incredible print. Be it small, appliques, painted, stamped, or graphics, you name it, and florals have it.

Mesmerising Earth Inspired Prints

Climate change dominated the headlines in the past two years. And designers are planning to depict this narrative on their textiles as well. Splashes of colours, dissolving colours, and cloud-like prints are some of the prints to look for in 2023. Apart from this, grass blade strokes and lush green prints are some of the top prints to dig for in the next couple of years.

Heritage and Community Inspired Prints

Heritage, culture, and community have a significant imprint on our lives. And designers are not leaving any stone unturned to showcase this affection on their textiles, making it a hot cake in 2023. The quirky urban legends, hand-drawn maps,  and landmarks are some of the prints that will rule the coming fashion seasons.

Eye-Catching Animal Prints

Animal prints are sensual, dramatic, and glamorous. They have been ruling the fashion trends for decades and will continue to do so in the coming times. Leopard, cheetah, and ocelot are some of the popular animal prints so far. But, tiger stripes and snake scales will be the stand-out animal print for 2022-23.

Stylish Large Scale Prints

Large scale patterns are set to make a grand comeback this year. All thanks to the lavish gowns and dresses. The kind of drama it adds to the garment is unmatchable. Upcoming designers can use large scale prints to come out with some ravishing textile collections.

Rajasthani Tie and Dye Prints

Our humble ‘Bandhani’ or Rajasthani Tie and Dye print made a blockbuster comeback last year. Both men and women are going gaga over the elegance and charm of this print. And fashion experts believe that this print is here to stay for a longer time. Crumple, folds, and spirals are expected to top the lists in 2022-23. Whereas sunburst, shibori, and lightning will also be on the must-try list of the designers.

Timeless Checks

Checks have been around for decades and will continue to swipe the fashion trends in the coming years. This extremely romantic print is wrapped with decadency and aesthetics. Every inch is filled with exuberance, elegance and luxury. Fashion designers can create breathtakingly beautiful creations with this incredible fabric print.

Charming Block Prints

Block prints are exquisite, charming, and glamourous. Although the textile printing industry has undergone a massive transformation in the past few decades. But nothing can match the elegance and sophistication of block prints. And this is the reason why block prints are going to be the next big thing in 2023. Bagh, Ajarak, Sanganeri, and Dabu are some of the trending block prints to dig for in the coming years. Designers can create some of the best timeless collections using these prints.

Mixed Prints

Another trend that is making headlines in 2022 is mixed print. Lately, the classic pairing of polka dots and floral prints is grabbing the limelight. This fresh runway style inspires a lot of budding fashion designers with its creativeness and freshness. The best part is that mixed prints can effortlessly give a bold and subtle look to any garment.

Hypnotising Glitters

Glitters is going to paint the fashion arena shiny and beautiful in 2022-23. It is an interesting addition that will allow fashion designers to play with versatile embellishments and textures. Be it an ethnic or western collection; glitters will for sure add a magical shine to it.

 Classical Tweeds

Tweed is ideally a wool patterned fabric print synonymous with Irish and Scottish styles. This print originated in Scotland in the 19th century and is still a popular choice for jackets, coats, and suits. The amazing part is that tweeds have a lot of scope for experimentation. Designers can create marvellous collections with this print and redefine the fashion rules.

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