Indian Silk Sarees: Traditional And Glamour

Nothing can beat the traditional Silk Sarees when the occasion requires ethnic wear. Indian Silk is popular for its perfect blend of royalty, class, and femininity. Today it is widely available in a beautiful variety of handcrafted designs, prints, and attractive colours. There is no other outfit in the world that could match up to the elegance of Silk sarees.

A woman becomes an epitome of charm, grace, and beauty after draping a silk saree. Such is the magnificence of Indian Silk. Due to their exquisite appeal, these sarees are loved by all Indian brides. Especially in the southern part of the country, a wedding looks incomplete without the silk saree. 

Silk sarees are manufactured in different states with the essence of diverse cultural aspects. Some of the most popular silk sarees are Ajrakha silk sarees, bandhej silk sarees and of course, Banarasi silk sarees are complimentary terms when Silk is considered.

As Varanasi is the origin of this exquisite quality saree. While the traditional south Indian sarees are made up of pure silk and are widely known for their aesthetic beauty and elegance. Silk sarees are the soul of Indian wedding ceremonies, festivals and other important occasions like religious poojas. 

Different types of Silk Sarees 

Now let us find out about the different types of silk sarees that are commonly found in the markets. The list goes as follows:

1. Banarasi Silk Sarees

Varanasi (aka Banaras) is the oldest and richest city in terms of culture and it's evidenced by the quality of silk. Banarasi silk is the most expensive as the sarees are woven with gold thread in the handloom. And the craftsman requires at least a month to finish a single silk saree. 

Due to their royal appeal, banarasi silk sarees are popular bridal wear that includes four major categories called kara, katari, saatir and georgette. You will find maximum designs of Banarasi Silk Sarees in animal prints, florals, motifs, and nature-inspired. 

2. Kanchipuram Sarees 

The vibrant and contrasting duo of colours make Kanchipuram the most unique choice of Silk Sarees. These sarees include traditional designs such as floral buttas, checks, stripes, temple prints, and flowers. This saree is not designed in a regular method as the pallu, border, and body are woven separately first and later these are stitched together.

By following the proper method you can find an authentic Kanchipuram Silk Saree. No doubt these details add up to perfect ethnic wear that results in the most beautiful, lustrous, and durable Kanchipuram Silk Sarees. To glam up, your best friend's wedding event try out this golden birdies banarasi fabric and unleash your beauty. This is a bright pink fabric adorned with birds with meenakari filled on the whole yardage.

3. Bandhani Sarees

This particular style of sarees is handcrafted by using the tie and dye technique (also known as bandhej). Due to this reason, you can find out so many different colours, patterns and designs in the Bandhani Sarees.

These particular sarees are mainly manufactured in Gujrat and Rajasthan. Different fabrics like Chiffon, Georgette, Cotton, Pure silk etc are blended in the Bandhani silk sarees. This saree is glamorous with its lightweight which makes it a perfect fit for the summer season. 

4. Thanchoi Silk Sarees

These silk sarees are different in design having a unique type of pallu/pallav. This particular style of saree has floral motifs design with no borders, The Thanchoi silk saree is weaved exclusively as per the Benaras weaving method. In this form of silk saree, the fabric is woven to create a raised effect (brocade). 

5. Paithani Silk Sarees 

This particular style comes from the Maharastra which represents a perfect mix of nature and designs. As the colours are derived from natural sources like flowers, leaves, soil etc. The Paithani Silk sarees are the most expensive and elegant sarees style made up of pure silk and metallic designs.

The saree is light weighted with a shaded effect coming from dual-colour silks interweaved pattern (aka dupian silk). The Paithani Silk saree is draped in a different way than the rest of the normal Indian Sarees. 

6. Sournachuri Silk Sarees

These designs are inspired by the Indian mythological stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata from the screen presentations. The screen displays can even dictate the visual Bhagwat Geeta. These Sournachuri silk sarees are often referred to as Baluchari silk due to their original roots in West Bengal. Every single saree takes around 7 days to get completed.

The sarees borders are designed in an ornamental style with Kalka motifs and other Bengali motifs such as animals, flowers, circles, fishes etc. You will find these sarees usually in dark tones. Go for this Ivory coins banarasi saree to get a dreamy royal look on your festive occasions. This is a white handwoven saree with amazing texture. 

7. Baluchi Silk Sarees

Baluchi sarees are a famous style from Murshidabad in West Bengal. The surprising elements are the brocades of the sarees which are made up of untwisted silk thread. Due to this particular reason, Baluchi sarees are popular in the country. 

8. Patola Silk Sarees 

The Patola silk sarees come from Gujrat state and are popular for their beautiful geometric designs and vibrant colours. These sarees are made of pure silk and are the best sarees in Indian Bridal wear, 


No matter which type of silk saree you pick it's important to identify the authenticity of the silk used in the weave. These sarees can be further enhanced by the way you style your drape such as atpourey, seedha pallu, mekhela chadar drape, coorgi style etc.

Additionally, you can try out beautiful necklines, blouse sleeves and designs to look your best. If you still have got some confusion then don't worry, just tap on the Chowdhrain store and Gift yourself the best Silk Sarees! We offer you different varieties of silk sarees ranging from Hand-painted silk sarees, Maheshwari silk sarees, Chanderi silk sarees and many more. Hurry up and grab the latest deals now. 

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