How to Style Your Saree for A Glam Look

There are times when we must all dress in sarees. Whether it's a college graduation party, an engagement bash, a family reunion, or a wedding, our desi avatar is always a hit. Women's tastes have shifted significantly from when bulky sarees were the norm to the present day.

Women today prefer to dress up simple, lightweight, and flowing sarees with jewellery and accessories rather than heavy, embroidered versions. As part of our hectic daily routine. It's tough to find the time to get dolled up for a special event. The saree's distinctiveness and ease of movement have contributed to the garment's current widespread vogue, yet not everyone wears one.

When it comes to clothing, practically all women agree that sarees are the best since they make us feel beautiful and powerful. It's also true. Every lady can look like a goddess in the correct saree, paired with the appropriate footwear and accessories. So, here are some easy and understated ways to add a little extra glitz to your saree.

Doing the Blouse Game

When it comes to sarees, blouses are a total game-changer. So, have some fun and play with them. Incorporating embellishments like mirror work, trendy cutting, patch works, sequins, and rich embroidery to your brown silk saree can completely transform the appearance of your garment.

To make your blouse look fancier, you may embellish it with piping, mesh, strings, or tassels. In addition, a blouse with a Chinese collar makes you appear more put-together and conventional. On the other hand, if you wear a black saree with spaghetti straps, you'll seem both sensual and chic. Blouses in contrasting colors are trendy and look great with simple sarees.

A beautiful designer blouse may elevate even the most basic plain saree. You can choose from a wide variety of pre-made Bengali sarees online, including sequined and multi-coloured alternatives. 

Pendant Necklace with a Statement

A bold necklace can completely transform your outfit. There are various necklaces that work well with a grey silk saree, from statement necklaces made of silver, brass, or gold to simple handcrafted ones that bring out your quirky side. Try our Grey Dandelion Chanderi  Pure Silk Saree to get the best look with this necklace. 

Belts of various materials, such as leather, beads, and metals, can be added to further highlight the wearer's waist. You can get away with a bulky necklace if the saree you're wearing is very simple and airy. This will be the instant finishing touch to your style, elevating it to the level of elegant perfection. The necklace you wear will depend on the shade of your border.

Decide on Appropriate Jewelry

Adding the proper accessories to your latest pure cotton saree is crucial, as it not only amplifies the allure of the saree but also completes your fashionable look. You can enhance your saree's feminine appeal by accessorizing with delicate jewelry.

Knowing what and how much jewelry to wear is an important part of pulling off the art of accessorizing properly. Combining a large necklace with matching earrings is a classic wedding day accessory combination. But if you're going to a cocktail or reception party, a simple necklace and earrings can do the trick!

To round off your saree ensemble, try wearing a belt.

If you can believe it, this style has swept the Indian fashion business. Belting up a plain silk saree is all the sass need for women to make a fashion statement. You may achieve this look by draping your saree in a standard fashion and cinching the pallu at the waist with a belt.

You can achieve the same look with a kamar bandh if you prefer a more traditional approach and feel that this style is too cutting-edge for you. Put a little pep in your saree's step by teaming it with a bold blouse.

Put it on like a Lehenga

A silk saree can serve as an alternative to a lehenga in most situations. Draping a saree in a lehenga style is one of the most stylish and common ways to wear it. The saree can be mastered in little time if you use this method. Pleating the remaining 6–9 yards is all that's required. You can't pull off the saree look without leaving a little extra fabric at the bottom for the pallu.

Experiment with a Jacket Blouse for Extra Glitz

To dress up a silk saree, all you need is a jacket blouse. It is customary to wear a silk saree with a matching silk blouse, but adding a jacket-style top in a contrasting color will really set it off. Celebrities and style icons in India are helping designers promote this look by showcasing it in jacket blouses. You only need a little self-assurance and a cheerful expression to pull off this outfit.

Consider Using a Pant-Cut Drape

The sleeveless, pant-style drape is a common and elegant way to wear a saree. This contemporary saree drape is not only stylish but also practical, comfy, and easy to wear. A number of famous people and fashion designers have been pushing this look at most prestigious fashion shows, and it's become immensely trendy without abandoning its classic roots. In order to achieve this appearance, you must wear pants under the saree and wrap it from one leg so that the pant leg is showing. 


The saree is one of those garments that can be worn several times and still appear completely different each time. The blog post's discussion of fashionable ways to wear a saree can help you seem absolutely stunning! Everything from your choice of accessories to the way you drape your garments to the cut and style of your blouses contributes to your overall appearance.

However, some of you may find it difficult to shop for the best sarees online. You can visit Chowdrain’s  website to shop online for a sophisticated silk saree. You may spruce up your wardrobe with the help of the online selection of sarees. Smile and carry yourself with self-assurance, and you will be the master of your appearance.

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