5 Must Have Banarasi Saree for Your Wardrobe

Indian culture is rich in every aspect of its traditional values, whether we look at the cuisines, dance styles, music, festivals, or ethnic wear. As we look at the Indian ethnic attires, one name comes complimentary: the Banarasi Silk Sarees. This style has been famous for its brocade, high-quality silk, and unique handcrafted designs. Indian women always love these due to their evergreen elegance and stunning beauty.

The reason for its origin lies hidden in its name, as this original Banarasi saree arises from the natural silk of Varanasi (The most ancient city in the world). The city later changed into Banaras, from where the trend of banarasi silk saree spread. These sarees are famous for royalty, ethnicity, and different cultures.

It is not false to say that Indian brides love this style no matter what the trends say. When we look at the Southern parts of India, weddings are incomplete without this exquisite bridal wear.

Today, this banarasi wrap-up dress is not just limited to Indian culture but can be seen among the top International fashion. Different designs are available in silk fabric, instantly enhancing the women's appearance. The Banarasi silk sarees are still highly sophisticated clothing, despite the customizations and add-ons. The woman wearing a banarasi silk saree can never look dull in any wedding trousseau. You can buy banarasi saree online by visiting the store of Chowdhrain. Your wardrobe is incomplete without banarasi silk sarees, so let's find out five must Have Banarasi Saree here.

Katan Pure Silk Saree 

This style of banarasi sarees is known as pure silk saree due to the finest quality of mulberry silk (the source of silk). The threads are extracted from the twisted and woven cocoon to prepare the silk saree fabric in a handloom. The material is beautiful, soft, and luminous, making it popular among women. This style is the most expensive and is available in beautiful motifs and authentic designs. Looking at this saree will light up your mood – such flawless beauty. You can buy Katan banarasi saree online at the Chowdhrain website. Try out this exquisite yellow pure.

banarasi silk saree in the next big day festival to look ravishing in the crowd. The saree features silver zari floral buttis against the bright mango yellow lustrous pure silk. 

Jamdani Sarees

The Jamdani Sarees are another very popular style of Silk sarees that has been trending since the Mughal era. This is one of the best outfits from Bengal where the wearer experience impeccable beauty of its fabric and is exquisite in overall appeal. The Jamdani sarees style is originally crafted in Bangladesh where weavers are experts in this type of design. The weaving process of these sarees is unique with flourishing floral motifs. If you are going to be a bridesmaid for your best friend’s wedding and you found out how many important things you have to do over there. Then wait no longer and go order yellow pure Silk banarasi dupatta right away from our collection in Chowdhrain clothing and find some time to appreciate the overflowing liking you receive for your outfit. It is a hand-woven Banarasi in pure silk with gold and silver zari motifs.

Georgette Sarees

The modern blend of beauty is intact in banarasi silk and georgette fabric as it is simple, light, and plain in the weave. The wrinkly fabric is formed in such a way that the yarns are twisted many times. Normally you will get georgette sarees with zari work and vibrant shades of dyes. The fabric is most available in the dupattas and the stoles. These sarees are new-found love for Indian women because they suit all occasions whether festive or wedding trousseau. The georgette and silk combination sarees have been in trend for many years due to their innovative creation. This particular style looks outstanding on every woman from all generations. The banarasi georgette silk sarees are an excellent choice for daily wear with affordable pricing. Don’t believe it, try out this lite pink khaddi georgette banarasi saree from Chowdhrain. The saree is so exquisite that it is irresistible, woven with golden zari jaal of floral motifs.

Organza Sarees

There is another contemporary design in banarasi silk sarees which is known as the organza silk saree. These are the ultimate sophisticated style that is fashionable and feminine in design. These organza sarees are neat in design that perfectly goes with all occasions. The fabric is sheer soft and beautifully knitted with the delicate type of silk threads. The organza sarees are rough in texture but still, you will be amazed to find the most gorgeous motifs and zari work, patterns in these sarees. Pastel colors are the most trending sarees in organza. Today weavers are stirring the organza fabric along with banarasi silk creating a perfect outfit for every woman who loves comfort and class. The saree is lovely with the unique zari borders which catch the attention. If you have to go to some marriage function then do try out some organza red banarasi saree to stand out among the crowd. 

Gaji Silk Saree

Now let us come to the final banarasi silk blend style which is known as the Gaji silk saree as it is made up of primary cotton or silk fabric which makes it ideal for all the Indian wedding season/festive outfits. The texture of the material is similar to khaddar (a rough and coarse fabric that is woven by the local weavers (Julahas) on handlooms with the help of silk/cotton. If we talk about similarity then Garha is the same textile but with robustness and warmth of fabric. There are different types of print available in gaji silk due to the shiny finish look. If you are getting late for your best friend's wedding and you haven’t decided what to wear? Then don’t stress out and buy this Ivory Coins banarasi saree – a timeless classic saree. We assure you there will be no doubt as soon as you see it. 


The growing world demands the latest technology in lifestyle, apparel, transport, entertainment, and many more—even fashion changes with every season. You go to the market after a few weeks and will not get the same dress in trends. But there is a famous saying, “Old is gold”, perfectly aligned with the Banarasi Silk Sarees because this is a timeless beauty. It originated as Banarasi silk sarees, but with time the fabric is mixed up in different unique styles. If you also love this Traditional wear, try out the above-mentioned Must-Have

Banarasi Saree. Don’t worry; you don’t have to look far because we at Chowdhrain offer the best quality silk at discounted banarasi saree price. Hurry up to grab the latest offers. 

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