Four reasons to wear silks more often

When we hear the word ‘Silk’, our mind automatically redirects us to various other words such as luxury, soft, sheen and lustre. It is perhaps because all of us somewhere or the other, unknowingly relate silk with such properties. Silk is a natural protein fibre that is extensively used in the textile and handloom industry. In India, silk is also referred to as “Resham” in the northern region and “Pattu” in the southern states. Extracted from the cocoons of silkworms, silk is a natural fibre that tends to be the choice of many women throughout the world and especially in India. Apart from its natural look, silk also has many other attributes and properties that make it a perfect fabric.

Here are some reasons to wear silk :

  1. Silk is a ‘Perennial Fabric’: Amongst the Indian Subcontinent, even though the climate tends to be drastically varying across the north and the south, east and the west, one thing that remains constant is the usage of silk. The only reason behind it is the fact that silk keeps you warm in the winters and cool in the summers. But how is something like that even possible? Let’s understand it technically. The silk fibres are closely knit together through which the body heat of a person is trapped within the fabric itself. This property of silk makes it a perfect fabric to be used in winters. On the other hand, the moisture-wicking property of the silk allows the person to feel comparatively cold in summers especially when the sweat evaporates. Thus, silk can be worn both in summers as well as winters, making it Perennial in nature.
  1. Silk is the ‘dermatologist’s choice: Due to its natural breathability, sheen and softness, silk is the most suitable fabric for people with skin allergies or the ones with dry and dehydrated skin. Because of the moisture-wicking property of the silk, it allows the skin to stay hydrated as a result of which, it becomes the perfect fabric for people with naturally dry skin.  Furthermore, being an irritation-free fabric, silk protects the skin from itchiness, rashes and flare-ups. In nutshell, it is because of the properties of silk to keep our skin fresh and allergy free that it can also be referred to as the ‘Dermatologist’s choice’.
  1. Silk is ‘A Luxury’: Due to its subtle lustre and impressive natural shine, silk is a reservoir of luxury. The soft and slightly coarse structure of the fabric makes it a garment that exhibits royalty and opulence. Apart from its swanky appearance, silk is also highly durable and lightweight because of which it is also used while making parachutes. As a matter of fact, a variety of silk fabrics have also been used for making armour because of silk’s unmatched strength. It is even believed to have more strength than steel due to which it turns out to be the type of fabric that is highly durable and resilient for many years.
  1. Silk is Eco-friendly: While most of the fabrics and clothes that we use today might give us a certain level of comfort or opulent look but not all of them are biodegradable or recyclable in nature. The best part about having a silk sari or any other silk garment is not only the fact that it is highly durable and comfortable but also biodegradable and nature friendly at the same time. Even after having relatively more strength and durability than steel, it is very easy to recycle silk due to which it becomes ‘Eco-Friendly’.

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Written by:
Viraj Kanwar

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