5 Handloom Weaves to keep you fresh and cool, this summer

It is finally time to bid adios to fur coats and hot brews, the heatwaves are here to freak you out. Also, comes with it the shiny sizzling sun, classic aviators, lemonades, and forget not Floral Prints! It is, at last, the right time to bring out the bandanas and bring out our finely shaded stoles out of the very corners of your closets.

Gone are the days of dark dimmed knitwear giving us the very dreaded weary shoulders and it now is time to take up the right amount of flight with light weighed bright fabrics and bright colours so that we give the hot and hostile sun a good fight.

To our relief, it now is the right opportunity to slay the right handloom weaves to match up with your coolness this very summer season, and again promote our very own rich tradition of handloom woven fabrics and all the class and quality that is brought in with them. Also extensively pointing the vast as well as rich distribution of handloom woven fabrics which are regionally draped in an enormous number throughout the history of our great nations.

Finally coming out in the light of nationwide fame, these weaves are not only a great and efficient way to beat the summer but a great collection to add up to your wardrobe. The list of Handloom woven fabrics brings a rich blend and a luxurious feel to your garments, and all this at a very inexpensive cost!

Here are some fabric recommendations from Chowdhrain that will help you make feel light and keep you fresh in these summers:


  1. Kota

Kota or Kota Doriya is a prominent handloom weave from Rajasthan with its traditional uniquely square-check pattern on a Cotton- Silk of a combination like fabric. The name, as it suggests is locally woven fabric by a large, mostly women, community of weavers from Kaithun, just fifteen kilometres from Kota, Rajasthan. Worn by generations across different timelines, Kota Doriya, is a  cottony airy fabric that is all up for the right revival, as of now, evidently being used by many designers. The cloth is distinguished and essentially indicated by its Golden Zari. Its lightweight along with its comforting property makes it an excellent choice for Dupattas and a choice for your Saris as well.

  1.  Cotton

The very easily found and commonly hailed as ‘the ingredient of life’, Cotton is one of most breathable handloom weaves for you to beat the heat this summer. Coming in wide ranges of prints and all the summer shades you need to rock this summer. Best paired up with Silk to bring in the good traits of both in one, marks it as a great choice to drape on during the summertime all day long. Also, easily available almost everywhere cotton is a great choice to take up in order to beat the heat these summers as they can be machine-washed and can even dry up in hot and humid conditions making it also suited for the future autumns to come. Our Raahat collection of handloom Chanderi cottons, Mul cottons and others are an ideal choice for any occasion

  1. Chanderi

The very fine looking, and an essential part of many Indian Ladies’ wardrobe, is the Chanderi Handloom woven fabric. The name Chanderi brings out its roots as of being woven through traditional looms in the town of the same name in Madhya Pradesh. Also known for its fine Zari work. Traditionally woven as a Nine-Yard drape, Chanderi now is produced for all sorts of ethnic garments for women and its light-weighing, luxurious texture also makes it a great choice to be draped during Summers. Chanderi is also distinctively attractive for its rich thread work and buttis. The richly blend cotton weave is easily available in light colours and has a slight sheen to make it a perfect choice for outerwear garment fabric to rock on this summer.

  1. Linen

Linen is the perfectly suited summer Handloom fabric known for its light, breathable, and soothing texture. Another ground of it making it one of the most convenient fabrics to choose from during the summertime is that Linen quickly dries up when wet or damp. One of its many charms is its non-sticking nature which makes quite the room for ventilation of air throughout. Quality loomed Linen fabric has excellent resistance to heat and direct sunlight in comparison to other weaves such as Cotton or Silk and is known for its Durability and Strength. Purely handwoven Linen tends to fight it creasing property quite well and makes the texture even flower to drape on. Explore our collection of handcrafted shibori sarees in pure handwoven linen

  1. Georgette

The grainy handloom fabric is one of the best choices for summertime. Due to high absorbance, this silk fabric can absorb and feature almost every sort of print and colour, all maintaining its bouncy draping property. Georgette was originally made from Silk, yet now is woven in some parts of India, and is named after Madame Georgette De La Plante, a renowned dressmaker known for introducing garments and dresses, with the unique 'Net print’. The fabric is extremely light-weighing and perfectly suitable to beat the heat, and oh! Georgette also tends to dry up quickly. The traditionally handwoven forms of Georgette can also feature a range of patterns to choose from and is also died in light shades so it does not absorb any amount of heat and remain cool. Explore our collection of pure georgette handmade bandhini and Leheriya Sarees this summer

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