A summer in Chanderi

The true beauty of living in India comes from the multiplicity of cultures, traditions and languages that it owns. Though another view of seeing is that because of so many cultures, places and traditions that exist within India, often a few remain unnoticed, unexplored and undiscovered. The tale that Chowdhrain shares today is of one such town itself. The town which is an indispensable part of the textile industry and the town which is often left unexplored and unnoticed. Yes, it is the town of Chanderi.

Located near the Ashok Nagar district of Madhya Pradesh, Chanderi is a small town which is covered by hills on the south of the Betwa River. Famous for its sarees, food and Jain temples, the town of Chanderi is a perfect form of unexplored love for most of the textile lovers. The town is often referred to as “Shishupal Ki Nagri” because of its mythological relevance, especially that in the Indian epic of Mahabharat. For a tourist, the best places to visit in Chanderi include the Kati Ghati, Kila Kothi, Thuvonji Jain temple, Rajghat Dam and Khuni Darwaza.

Kati ghati - A summer in Chanderi - Blog post by Chowdhrain    Rajghat Dam - A summer in Chanderi - Blog post by Chowdhrain

There are multiple stories, tales and myths entangled with each of them but the most astonishing part to be noticed is their archaeological and historical importance which is to a very large extent unexplored and undiscovered. For example, some of the scenes in the famous Bollywood horror movie, ‘Stree’ are shot in the town of Chanderi itself but because of their mien, they are often mistaken as places in the state of Rajasthan. Apart from the places to visit, one can also enjoy delicious and mouth-watering food. The Icy Gola carts serving multiple flavours on the ice balls , the Banta bottles being popped with the thumbs , the sugarcane juice vendors asking you for your own glasses, the mango chaats being served with a pinch of salt and masala and the speciality of Chanderi, “ Khinni” will all somehow remind you of your childhood days. 

Another important thing that forms the heart of the town of Chanderi is its famous textiles that go by the name of Chanderi itself. Famous for their subtle sheen , lightweight and luxurious mien, these sarees are a part of a lot of woman’s wardrobes in India. The lightweight and the airy texture of the sarees had been discovered because of the seemingly high temperatures that make life a bit tougher in Chanderi. Thus, in order to withstand such heat, the Chanderi sarees are designed in a way that they are feather light and keep the body cool and ventilated throughout the summer.

Though specialised to withstand heat and high temperatures, these sarees have now reached almost each and every household in India. Perhaps it is because of the elite, genteel and opulent looks of the saree which are then supplemented by its heat opposing nature that makes it a must-have for all the saree lovers.

This is what the town of Chanderi is all about, food, monuments and its unmatched textiles that steal your heart in one go.

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