Blue Tussar Ajrakh Kanjeevaram SareeBlue Tussar Ajrakh Kanjeevaram Saree

Blue Tussar Ajrakh Kanjeevaram Saree

Rs. 21,000.00 INR
Red Tussar Ajrakh SareeRed Tussar Ajrakh Saree

Red Tussar Ajrakh Saree

Rs. 21,000.00 INR
Shaded pink Tussar Leheriya SareeShaded pink Tussar Leheriya Saree

Shaded pink Tussar Leheriya Saree

Rs. 18,900.00 INR

Tussar silk sarees are opulent, classic and a must have. Our collection of tussar silks are handwoven in the looms of Chanderi using the extra weft technique for motifs and borders in these sarees.

Tussar silk sarees in our collection are completely handwoven including the borders which makes them exclusive and extremely gorgeous. Tussar silk yarns are pure and authentic, combined with pure silk yarns in the warp. 

If you are looking for handloom tussar silk sarees online, you have reached the right place. These rustic sarees are warm in texture and very soothing to feel, making them the perfect choice for winters, feeling like a tight warm hug. 

Styling tussar silk sarees is not a challenge as they mostly go with any junk silver jewellery of your choice due to their earthy rustic texture. Tussar silk can be extracted using nonviolent methods making them to be considered under Ahimsa silk and nonviolent silks depending on the process of extraction. These sarees have a solid texture and strong colour tones giving you a bold powerful look when draped. 

We recommend storing tussar silk sarees in cotton wraps/bags and avoid direct sun drying as these sarees are coarse and very delicate in nature. If you would like to read more on tussar silks, please visit our blog here

Why buy from

When you buy from Chowdhrain you are contributing towards sustainable business practices that Chowdhrain is proud to carry. Your sarees are packed in Compostable corn-starch packaging and no kind of extra plastic or paper is used. The saree is wrapped in a cotton upcycled bags that you can use to store your sarees safely in your wardrobe. Brand uses natural and azo free dyes, handlooms and authentic zari, we are further trying to perfect our sustainability game and your purchase makes us get closer!

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