Cream Tissue Maheshwari sareeCream Tissue Maheshwari saree

Cream Tissue Maheshwari saree

Rs. 18,000.00 INR
White Rose Chanderi Chowdhrain saree White Rose Chanderi Chowdhrain saree
On sale

White Rose Chanderi Saree

Rs. 6,000.00 INR Rs. 8,000.00 INR
WHITE & GOLD handloom chanderi silk sareeWHITE & GOLD handloom chanderi silk saree
On sale

White & Gold Chanderi Pure Silk Saree

Rs. 10,000.00 INR Rs. 15,000.00 INR

Six yards of unstitched handwoven fabric from the vast collection of Chowdhrain's exclusive design to suit your needs. 

The most understated and sustainable garment that has a history of a lifetime. 

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