Neeli - Kota Doria Saree in blueNeeli - Kota Doria Saree in blue
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Neeli - Kota Doria Saree in blue

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Cotton sarees are one staple that can be found to be favourites amongst women of all ages. Shop for cotton sarees online at and you can find Bengal cottons, mul cotton in blockprints, chanderi cotton etc.. 

Cotton sarees make their way into any occasion, women love to wear stiff cotton sarees to make powerful statement at work, cotton sarees make for the most comfortable casual wear since generations, even for day to day activities women prefer cottons over anything else due to its excellent breathability, ability to remain the way it was pleated throughout, but most importantly women have a certain adorability attached to these as they have grown up looking at mothers adorning these beauties with perfection. Dpeending on the design and borders, some of the best handloom clusters offer these in high counts like our Jamdani collection with 150 counts, Fulia cotton and Taant sarees in our collection are budget friendly which can also be considered for gifting. Kota cotton sarees are most love summer wear adored by a lot of women across India. Cotton sarees from Maheshwar are woven with zari, exhibiting a luxurious feel both to the on-looker and the wearer. 

Mul cottons at Chowdhrain are machine made but others are handwoven in various clusters of India. Six yards of cotton around you feels like coming home.

Chowdhrain stocks the latest cotton sarees and assure the best quality. Get these beauties delivered at your doorstep and style them your way. 

Why buy from

When you buy from Chowdhrain you are contributing towards sustainable business practices that Chowdhrain is proud to carry. Your sarees are packed in Compostable corn-starch packaging and no kind of extra plastic or paper is used. The saree is wrapped in a cotton upcycled bags that you can use to store your sarees safely in your wardrobe. Brand uses natural and azo free dyes, handlooms and authentic zari, we are further trying to perfect our sustainability game and your purchase makes us get closer!

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