Top 7 Must Have sarees in your wardrobe – Curated for Summer, minding the environment!

  1. Trending and Classy Colour block Sarees
  2. Comfortable and soothing Cotton sarees
  3. Breezy florals for the Summers
  4. Traditional Silk Chanderis 
  5. Exclusive Mubarakpur Saree
  6. Summer Special Blockprints
  7. Evergreen Cotton Silks 

Weather forecast indicates the summer in 2024 is going scorching hot!

And two things that are compulsory is the Sunscreen and breathable clothes. 

Raid your wardrobe and rearrange to find your favorites to beat the heat – remember whats in the wardrobe is the most sustainable garment you can own 

If you are looking to add a few pieces then, it would be a good idea to rehome the existing ones depending on the condition. 

It could be sold, donated or even swapped with your loved ones!

Third thing to do would be to raid mom’s or grandmother’s wardrobe, there are chances you might get lucky to own a piece of heirloom or something you had been eyeing for a long time in their collection. 

Lastly, if you are looking to buy, let’s discuss what would be the right choice. 

Chowdhrain’s collection is mostly summer friendly, handcrafted, pastels and made using azo free dyes. So you are in safe hands! 

Our ethics align with keeping comfort at its heart, which translates in the fabrics being earth friendly, sustainable and soothing. 

1. Colour block sarees – These sarees have been trending and been in fashion since 4 years now. Apart from being trendy they are classics too, meaning they are evergreen and loved by all age groups. 

Colour block sarees

From celebrities to grannys and youths everybody has been rocking these sarees everywhere. The best part is how they can be toned up or dialed down based on the occasion. Silver jewelry is their best friend. Hence the easiest to style and sustain. 

However, be cautious of the fabric you choose. Easy breezy breathable fabrics will last you long and you will happy to pass it down to your future generations. Fabrics like georgette, silks and cottons are deemed to the best. Having said that Cotton may not give you the fall you want for these, but hey comfort over style always!

Moreover, cotton sarees need not be boring, you can jazz them up with your choice of accessories. 

Coming to Silks and georgettes, pure silk georgettes have dreamy fall! Our georgettes are tie dyed in bright colours of leheriya. An evergreen choice for the summers. 

Explore the collection here

Lastly Silks, pure silk chanderi silks, the solid silks are adorned by celebrities all year round since 2021. The colours, the fall, the simplicity – all adds up to one stunning thought - the color combinations. The play of contrasting colour melting into each other creates a meadow of a beautiful scenery. 

Our collection has whites to blues covering the whole spectrum. Choose one that you love and be assured it will look good on you. It’s a Chowdhrain promise!

Explore here

If you love the light weight solid soft silks, check out our pure silk dress material here. 

2. A no brainer natural selection for summer is the cotton sarees. 

Cottons are the best choice and its been chosen by us since generations. Yes It’s maintenance but what’s better to beat the heat?

Not only does it not absorb heat but its breathable, also lite and comfortable on skin. 

Mul mul, muslin, fine cottons, handspun and handwoven cottons etc are the shoulder to rely on. 

Our collection of cotton sarees and dupattas are handmade, sustainable, some are naturally dyed others are azo free dyed. Handwoven in the quaint town of Maheshwar, blockprinted in Rajasthan, tie dyed in Gujarat. Explore our collection here.

3. Every wardrobe has a romantic relationship with the breezy florals. With the right choice of fabric, these florals are certainly the first choice to survive the heat. 

Botanical wonders exhibit a beautiful aesthetics that are pleasing to the eye, but only when the fabric upon which this is imprinted makes you feel comfortable. 

Our collection of florals are handpainted on chanderi silk cotton – comprising of pastel shades and delicate floral elements in subtle contrast. 

Explore our Ikebana collection here. 

4. Ask our ancestors, grannys and mothers and they will recite you a ballad on Chanderis. My mother loves her chanderis and proudly has filled about 70% of her collection with Chanderis. 

Chanderi sarees originally were meant for royals, so were made of silks only. These sarees are sheer in nature hence royal looking. Given the sheer nature they are also breathable, lite weight and naturally comforting. 

However styling them is a little tricky as they tend to be a little stiff, but with wearing it becomes soft and dreamy! 

The traditional designs feature nature identical motifs and border that are classic and evergreen. Currently, Chanderis are woven into kinds, Katan silks that is sheer and gauzy and Pattu silks that are soft silks. 

Both are lite weight and extremely gorgeous. 

Explore our collection of pure Katan silks and Pattu silks.

5. When it comes to finding something unique and traditional, Our quest ends at Banarasi sarees which are a must in any Indian wardrobe. However when you need something exclusive you can explore our revived Mubarakpur weaves. 

These sarees have a touch of modern aesthetics combined with banarasi elements. Mubarakpur is a small town near Varanasi where the Banarasi weavers were trained to weave the sarees. 

You can read more on Mubarakpur collection here and explore these exquisite sarees here.

6. Summer and blockpints go hand in hand. Dabu, Bagh, Bagru, Sanganeri etc etc. 

There are a plethora of these prints that are available in the market. Mostly printed on machine made cotton silk chanderis these sarees are extremely comfortable and lite weight, plus the prints make them so pleasing to eye. Sunny afternoons often ask for a breathe of fresh air and these sarees are just that.

Pair these with minimal silver and you have stunning ensemble to beat the heat!

Our collection of Bagh sarees are handwoven in Maheshwar and block printed in Bagh, using natural dyes only. 

Explore our 100% handmade Bagh collection of Handwoven Maheshwari sarees here. 

7. Chanderi cotton silks, chances are, you own at least one of them unknowingly. If you have a blockprint saree it must be chanderi silk cotton. Indigos especially are very famous ones.

Chanderi cotton silks

However I am talking about handwoven cotton silk chanderi sarees. These sarees are delicate and summer friendly and available in both traditional features and contemporary minimalist features. These sarees carry small to broad borders in silver or gold zari along with little motifs and a distinct pallu. These sarees are budget friendly too. 

Explore our collection of Chanderi Cotton silk sarees here

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