The Soothing Sankranti - The start of all good

Perhaps the best thing about being an Indian starts from having spicy and delicious food from our childhood and goes up till celebrating a festival almost every month; we don’t mind if it’s January or February, all we need is a nice family time, traditions to follow and some good clothes to wear.
With that energy and perspective in our minds, almost all of us have celebrated Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve but are we done yet? Of course not, 2022 has just begun and we have already started thinking about the upcoming holidays and festivals

Furthermore, with the commencement of January and our new year’s resolutions, the festival of Makar Sankranti is already here to give us a yellow light in order to relax for maybe just a bit. The festival brings an innate level of positivity and energy into our lives and with the large amount of sanctity that it holds, it reminds us to worship the Leader of Leaders - The Sun.

While the sun shines as bright as it can, so do the women of India in their yellow and black traditional clothes and placid smiles. Each beaming yellow saree or Dupatta that an Indian woman drapes on this sacred day, reminds her of the inborn leader and radiant personality that she is. With the dazzling yellow colour of her traditional clothes and subtle makeup, she becomes the flawless Indian Devi.

With the festival of Makar Sankranti and the craze for yellow and black approaching, we at Chowdhrain bring you our designer handwoven sarees and that too with an ongoing 40% discount.
(The discount is being offered in order to help our weavers sustain even in these dreadful pandemic times.) Furthermore, we seek a thousand blessings for you and your loved ones and wish to always stay connected with you.

Writen by:
Viraj Kanwar

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