Brides, let's build your dream trousseau

From the very moment you said ‘yes’, you haven’t slept very well. Your entire brain has turned into a world of Pinterest with a million stunning lehengas, sarees, gowns and dresses pinned.

Incessantly running around for the right fabrics, the right tailors and the right stylists, scrutinising every little detail for the events that precede and follow, today’s bride-to-be has no time to rest.

Gone are those days when the mothers would put together a trousseau with traditional dowry items ike lingerie, linens, and items for the home. Mothers and daughters have evolved, and so has ‘bridal trousseau’. A mother’s opinion on the trousseau is significant for the bride-to-be, but so arePinterest-approved designs and trending styles. A riotous mix of clothes, elaborate jewellery choices, make-up and everything one needs in her new life post-wedding is what comprises a Trousseau. And it’s absolutely incomplete without sarees.

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, no matter where your roots lie, these six yards adorn an Indian bride so beautifully in its folds. With vivid styles, silhouettes and colours, building a perfect trousseau is an exciting yet a tiresome errand for a bride-to-be. Post wedding you’ll have numerous dinners, surprise parties, and religious events to attend and you’ve got no choice but tosteal the show. We understand you need a bit of everything, so here’s a check-list of sarees you must add to your dream trousseau, for every post-wedding event that comes your way.




It’s important to begin your blissfully wedded life in style, looking functional yet flattering at the same time. And Banarasi sarees enhance the beauty of a new bride without screaming for attention. Create a classic, refined look with traditional jewellery and minimal make up on your first day as a newlywed.



So, you’re the new daughter-in-law of the house, in other words, the centre of attention for the next few days (or even months). Get set for a dozen lunch and dinner invitations from your new extended family. And there’s nothing as graceful and elegant as a Chanderi Silk drape to make that memorable first impression. Lightweight and lustrous, they come in various hues ranging from pastel to vibrant.



Your friend-list after wedding has practically doubled and so have the upcoming events. Be it a friend’s cocktail night, a colleague’s reception or an acquaintance’s sangeet party, you’ll need something ethnic yet glam. And a luscious lace work saree perfectly fits the bill. It sensuously hugs your curves and makes you looking party-ready effortlessly. Go for pastels for an ethereal look.

Definitely a must-have.



Amidst first few months of marriage being hectic, a family brunch is a good idea for a relaxed break. And a simple handpainted Chanderi is super-apt to blend modern and ethnic. The fabric is soft, easy to drape, and airy making it a perfect choice for a fun brunch date with the fam.



For the dulhans of today, who gracefully manage their personal and professional lives, a crisp Maheshwari saree cannot be missing from your wardrobe. Draped in modern ways, this subtle and sophisticated drape in cotton and silk blends perfectly with a personality always on the go.



There’s nothing more exciting than attending a best friend’s wedding. And as bride’s BFF, you’ve got a lot of running around to do. It’s best to choose a saree that’s minimal, classy and chic. You’ll find comfy linen shibori sarees perfect if you’re not high on bling. They are a party and a wedding-favourite. Choose from a range of solid-coloured sarees or one with minimal embellishments. 


Pure Silk Chanderis

Prepare yourself for an exciting transition from a girl to a woman. As a dulhan, even a small puja at home will require you to be decked up and looking like a goddess. The queen of silks, a pure pattu silk Chanderi is all you need to create a divine aura. From deep reds, vibrant greens to bright pinks, you must have at least one of these for those special ethnic occasions.


Bandhej Sarees 

If you want to be an instant hit in the ‘sasu-ma’ fraternity, then you can opt for Bandhej or Leheriya. These traditional patterns have a desi yet charming appeal, perfect for an acquaintance’s pre-wedding function. You just cannot miss adding this peppy and bright coloured saree to your trousseau.

Written by: Raksha Jain

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