7 Pocket-friendly Chowdhrain recommends for this season

We are all inborn stylists and designers and perhaps all of us even have multiple dresses and outfits that we wish to wear somewhere in the near future. Though, one thing that often stops us from getting nearer to these outfits and styles is our pocket and the price tag that comes along with these trending and eye-catching clothes. With that very thought in the mind and in order to let you wear your style, this summer, Chowdhrain presents you a list of pocket-friendly and affordable ranges of sarees that will not only help you look good but also garnish your wardrobes in minimal prices.

The first one on our list is a Chanderi-cotton saree that comes in an appealing purple and red colour. The saree is bestowed with the richness and the luxury of a Chanderi which is further supplemented by the lightness and the breathability of cotton, the fabric, therefore, is undoubtedly the perfect choice for these hot and burning summers. This super-light Chanderi cotton saree weighs around 20 gms, adorned with white thread buttis - without any trace of zari, making this weave perfect for a casual breezy day. Here’s the link for the saree:

Pink blue chanderi cotton saree

The next on our list is our ‘ Laal Gulabi Kota Doria” saree. Kota Doria is a unique hand-woven fabric having a characteristic square-check pattern.  Each square of 14 yarns (8 of cotton and 6 of silk) is termed as a ‘’Khat’’ with this this Khat being the hallmark of Kota Doria. Emerging from the heat and the high temperatures of Rajasthan, the Khats in Kota Doria makes the fabric airy, breathable and soft, which is why it is one of the most preferred fabrics to be worn in the summers. Here’s the link for the saree:

Laal Gulabi Kota Doria Saree

The third on our list is a saree from our exclusive collection of wearable art, referred to as “ Ikebana”. This Floral Candy Handprinted Chanderi saree comes with handprinted roses, daffodils and other closely knit features of our mother nature. It is because of this very reason that this saree becomes a perpetual choice of nature lovers. Furthermore, the silk and cotton fabric makes this saree look lustrous and beauteous in nature but at the same time, the saree is equally fit to be worn in summers. Here’s the link for the saree:

Floral Candy Handpainted Chanderi Saree

The fourth on our list comes in the colour combinations for which Chanderi is known for. Yes! This saree comes in the royal and the most preferred combinations of peaceful white and a subtle shade of golden. The opulent and the luxurious look of the saree allows you to wear it on multiple occasions and that too in a pocket friendly and affordable amount. Here’s the link for the saree:

White checks Chanderi silk cotton saree 

Striped in Pink Chanderi Saree is a budget-friendly, simple and elegant saree that comes in the contemporary and retro pink stripes. The contrasting blouse and golden zari pallu further add on to the total looks of this saree while at the same time, the stripes allow you to feel light , relaxed and peaceful. The blend of silk and cotton makes this saree a luxury and a comfortable saree for these summers.  Here’s the link for the saree:

Striped in pink Chanderi silk cotton saree 

The next on our list is the elephant inspired white, black and pink cotton saree. The shades of retro ( black and white ) and the modern choice of pink put forward the statement of transition and fervour in a woman’s life. The simplistic and minimalistic design along with the homogenous shades of this saree allow you to pair it with different pieces of jewellery and footwears from your existing wardrobe.

Here’s the link for the saree:

Pink elephant phulia Cotton saree 

The last saree on our list is the “Grey Red Phool Butti Maheshwari” saree. The combinations of red and grey make this saree extremely pulchritudinous. Perhaps it is the aura of red and the subtlety of grey that together make this saree so special and appealing in nature. The Pallu is contrasting in red with zari phool buttis and a golden-red border. The small floral buttis further add value and elegance to its design and look. At the same time, the silk and cotton fabric makes it breathable and airy so that you can sit back, relax and look good , all at the same time.

Here’s the link for the saree:

Grey Red Maheshwari saree 

Checkout these sarees and don’t forget to add them to your wardrobe!

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